Why the Pink Ribbon Elicits My Gag Reflex…Again!

Dear Natural Healing for Women Community;

Last week I sent out this very same blog post, and here’s what happened: my website crashed, my computer stopped working, and the internet in my home went on the fritz. It’s taken me over a week, many hours with service people, and a great deal of patience to get all of these things back on board!

So I figure there must be some really powerful mojo in these words..which led me to decide to post it again! (Not to mention the fact that I didn’t have a computer or internet over the past week, and wasn’t able to write a new post.) But for those who didn’t have the opportunity to read it the first time around,

Here it is…

Ladies… it’s that time of year again when the pink ribbon – the symbol for “Breast Cancer Awareness” gets to claim it’s very own month, promoting early detection through mammogram as your best protection against breast cancer. I’m heartened that so many women are questioning this stance and thinking outside the box when it comes to their breast health and wellbeing.

In order to share my feelings about it, I thought to resurrect an earlier post that’s a bit inflammatory, but hopefully you’ll get something out of it. And I’d love to hear your opinions on the BLOG.

So here’s the deal: I couldn’t keep it down anymore! I needed to let you know how “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” has ruined the color pink for me.
And let me be transparent. I’m writing this post to help myself answer the question of  ‘why’….why do I find the pink ribbon so viscerally offensive? So much so that I have the urge to defile public property.
Let me explain. In my town there’s an outdoor exhibit that runs in October (otherwise known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month) for a mile-long stretch along the main road into town, from the local hospital down through the college area.
Large pink bows decorate oak trees, and at their base are signs citing statistics about breast cancer…. and screening.
I want to rip those signs out of the ground, and spray-paint the ribbons black!  So I have to ask myself, why would this seemingly innocuous exhibit, created in the name of bringing “Health Awareness” to women, awaken my inner vandal? It must have something to do with the fact that my inner bull-sh*t meter is ringing off the hook.
And this is what it’s telling me: the pink ribbon extravaganza has NOTHING to do with empowering or educating women. Rather, it has everything to do with selling a product and promoting fear.
To quote Karuna Jaggar, executive director of Breast Cancer Action, in her 2013 article in the Huffington Post:
Few people realize that Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) was launched by Astra Zeneca, a pharmaceutical company that sells cancer treatments on the one hand and carcinogenic pesticides on the other. So BCAM has all along been one big marketing campaign — arguably the most successful marketing campaign of the 20th century.
Upon closer inspection of the above-mentioned exhibit, what becomes clear is that it’s sponsored by the Mass General Cancer Center, and is little more than an advertisement for their mammography services, with messages such as,
1 out of 4 women treated at Mass General Cancer Center is under age 50
So what does this teach me about health? These “facts” are worthless when it comes to empowering women with knowledge about how to deal with or prevent the very terrifying reality of breast cancer. And with a lack of substantive information promoted by the “experts”, the underlying message is that there are no answers to the epidemic of breast cancer, so your only hope is to get your yearly mammogram.
And let’s not forget the campaign, “Early detection is your best prevention” which has been very effective in cementing the notion that mammogram equals prevention.
The problem is, it isn’t true! Detection isn’t prevention. Prevention is prevention. AND NOBODY IN THE MEDICAL MAINSTREAM IS TALKING ABOUT PREVENTION. It’s been erased from the discussion, and there’s a thick, pink fog around the real questions of cause and prevention.
And while we’re in the process of waking up, let’s not forget that mammograms are ionizing radiation. This is one of the few known substances that we definitively know causes cancer. I’ve been intrigued to hear medical experts in other countries voicing concern about the cumulative effect of the radiation in mammography over many years.
Now, the American Cancer Society is finally caving into the studies that have clearly demonstrated that the risk of yearly screening mammograms outweigh the benefits. (Predictably however, the governing body of obstetrics and gynecology (ACOG) in this country is sticking with the yearly recommendation in light of the evidence.)
There’s a mass, collective UN-consciousness around the very real issues of the epidemic of breast cancer, and I believe that it’s been nailed into place and perpetuated by women’s very understandable fear, and sense of helplessness.

To me, the pink ribbon is the symbol of this mass unconsciousness, this bait and switch of the realissues with the distraction of races and pretty pink ribbons.
To have a real discussion about breast cancer, let’s talk about what’s really going on. For instance, why are record numbers of younger and younger women being diagnosed? Why is no one talking about this?
And mostly, let’s talk about the CAUSE, because without that, how do we have a meaningful discussion about prevention. Understandably, cause and prevention aren’t on the agenda of the pharmaceutical companies and the mammogram industry, so let’s not look to their campaigns of “awareness” for real answers.
A real discussion about breast cancer would focus on the carcinogenic BPA in plastic water bottles, xenoestrogens in the environment, the toxic pesticides polluting the food supply, and the myriad of industrial chemicals that have been isolated from human breast milk.
Show me a pink ribbon, and I’ll help you trace it back to an advertisement for an organization that’s profiting off of the cancer industry. The pink ribbon of Breast Cancer Awareness is more aptly the symbol for a Breast Cancer Industry that profits from the lack of a real discussion about prevention, while the majority of money raised gets funneled into “awareness” campaigns that do nothing to eradicate this very real epidemic.

Next week, we’ll be diving into true preventatives for breast cancer. Plus, I have an exciting announcement to share, so I hope you stay tuned…


With Love and the Spirit of Awakening,


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