Chronic Health Challenges? HEAL in 2018!!!

Dear Natural Healing for Women Community;

Sending so much love and light as we enter this brand new year, full of possibility.

I always relish the sense of a fresh start, and a moment to reflect on all that’s been and all that I desire spanning into the future…the sowing of seeds that will bear fruit in the seasons to come.

But I also know what it feels like to be stuck in health challenges that prevent you from living your fullest life. I know the frustration of spending years and countless resources trying to figure out how to find the right help, but with no end in sight.

If you can relate, my mission is to help you. That’s why I’m taking you on a little journey into the anatomy of healing, to show you what it takes to truly heal, no matter what type of health, emotional or life challenge you’re dealing with.

Because sometimes, rallying your inner resources and anchoring into an inner resolve is the only thing that’s going to take you where you need to go.

Here’s what HEALING requires:

Commitment: Get determined! Know that once you focus your energies on making great change, (no matter how impossible it seems) all of Life will organize around your success. You don’t have to know the answers, rather open your field of awareness and see what resources are presenting themselves to you. You may feel a spark of hope or curiosity when reading a magazine article, or by something a friend shares. Follow these leads–your intuition is always there, guiding you towards exactly what you need for success.

Clarity: I once heard the late Steve Johnson, creator of Alaskan Flower Essences say, “you can’t truly heal from something until you get all the education out of it.” This statement never ceases to blow me away. It points to the ways in which our ailments are our greatest teachers. But it’s also a reminder that in order to heal, you need to know what you’re dealing with. And for many of my clients, mystery symptoms have been plaguing them for years. In order to heal, you need to know what’s at the root of your issue, what’s keeping it suspended and not allowing for health to proceed.

Support: Ideally, support will help you uncover what’s at the root of your issue. It includes the guidance of loved ones and professionals, as well as finding the RIGHT remedies that will be truly healing for YOUR body. This is where you can waste so much time and money, trying a little bit of this and that without much success. With the right support however, healing comes clearly into view.

Informed Action Steps: This final step circles right back to where we started: Commitment. It’s not uncommon to lose faith right at this point. You may think: Will these remedies really work? Is this hopeless? Is healing possible? Success may feel like something that’s reserved for everyone else but you. But this is when you need to step up to the task even more, following the recommendations and remedies with great effort. You need to show up and do the work in order to see real change.

And from here, healing will proceed. Balance is your natural state. The body and mind will find normalcy with the necessary commitment, clarity, support and action steps. I’ve been through this process so many times personally, and have supported hundreds women through the process as well.

Here’s to finding your healing!

Sending blessings for health, happiness & peace – today and always,



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Over the last 13 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women heal on the deepest level, through my unique and specialized healing system that gets to the root of underlying issues that contribute to illness. These may include hard to diagnose infections, as well as  emotional, psycho-spiritual or energetic imbalances.

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If you’ve been ignoring or pushing through lingering health issues that no doctor seems to detect or know how to help…

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If you know deep down that you have the power to heal from the inside out, but not sure how to proceed…

 …then let’s talk.

The work I do is deep, powerful and beyond the realm of where most doctors and alternative practitioners even think to investigate!

That’s why I’m offering a handful of complimentary 1-1 Health Consultations this Friday, and if your interested, you should claim one now.

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In this one phone call, we’ll have the opportunity to talk in depth about your health issues, while I hold space with intuitive listening. I’ll then provide insight resources, and a pathway towards eliminating your symptoms and transforming your health and life.

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One of my favorite sayings is:

“The issues live in the tissues.” 


Until we address these issues that take up residence in our cells and deplete our life force energy, we won’t truly heal.


Are you ready to get your energy back? To get your full life back?


I’m here for you!

With Healing Love,


p.s. These 1-1 Complimentary Health Consultations will fill on a first-come first-serve basis. If you have even a spark of hope or curiosity about how I could help you heal the most unexplainable of symptoms, hit reply and let’s schedule a time to talk!

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