Natural Healing for…Breast Cancer?!?

Dear Natural Healing for Women Community;

Yes…it’s true! More and more, women are looking for safer, nontoxic options for healing breast cancer. Every week, I’m learning about brave women who have stepped away from conventional treatment, and are carving out their own path for health.

And for good reason. The standard treatments for cancer, like chemo and radiation, often cause more harm than good. Many of us know someone that has died from cancer treatment, rather than from the disease. It seems that everyone I speak with has a horror story to tell in this regard.

And the question remains: is chemotherapy actually effective against breast cancer? New research shows that in fact, more than 50% of women who’ve received chemo for breast cancer were not benefitted, their survival rates not increased.

And several studies have come out over the past few years demonstrating not only the long-term damage that chemo causes to the immune system, but also that it may actually spread cancer cells leading to more aggressive tumors.

After my diagnosis, one question I was reliably asked by anyone  brash enough to inquire was, “Do you NEED chemo..?” This question always made me bristle. I spent a lot of time contemplating the notion of NEED, and what it meant in this context. According to whose standards??The word NEED implies that there’s but one path to healing and one body of knowledge with the authority to make that call.

But because I was a healer, and understood the process of healing as well as I knew anything…I knew this wasn’t true.What I know is that there are infinite paths to healing, and that the path is not the same for every person — even those with the same disease process.

Okay, here’s a really important thing to understand. There’s a great misconception in our culture that goes like this: A good, reputable doctor is up on the latest advances in medical science, and will treat you accordingly. But this assumption is sadly and unfortunately not true.

In reality, it can take a VERY long time for the wisdom gleaned from medical science to trickle down into medical practice. You see, doctor’s are obliged to treat according to the “standard of care” or else they risk being sued for malpractice. And it can take years for advances in medical understanding to make it into the medical “standard of care”.

That’s why we need to be our own advocates and do our own research. And the more serious your condition is, the more important it is that you not abdicate your own authority, and blindly follow the advice of the oncologist.

Common wisdom dictates that natural healing and alternative medicine are fine as long as your health problem is no more than a nuisance – like a rash or a cold. But for a truly serious medical condition, like Diabetes or Parkinson’s Disease or God Forbid…Cancer…you MUST follow your doctor’s advice! To do otherwise is foolhardy.

But from my perspective, the more serious a condition is, the more important it is to rely not only on the advice of your doctor and medical science, but also on a broader perspective that includes listening to the wisdom that exists in your own mind and body.

And especially if you have a sensitive constitution that heals more effectively with plant medicine and energy healing. You need to take into consideration how your body best heals when facing a serious condition such as cancer.

The journey of Natural Healing for Breast Cancer involves finding out what health actually means for YOU. Because you see, cancer doesn’t exist in a bubble — it exists in a body that’s wildly out of balance. By the time a cancer is diagnosed, the normal defense systems have broken down.

Natural Healing for Breast Cancer involves an intensive and comprehensive approach that requires healing the body, mind and spirit. It involves turning over every stone to see where disease has been able to thrive…and then making great change.

On the physical level, this means not only treating the cancer and detoxification, but also addressing any underlying hormonal imbalance, immune depletion, adrenal deficiency, microbial issues, etc.

On the emotional and spiritual levels, it means identifying everything in your life and psyche that is unhealthy, and is no longer serving your enthusiasm, joy and true life purpose. It means letting go of all that depletes your life force energy.

Times are changing rapidly. Old systems and institutions are breaking down, which includes ideas about the ways in which we heal, even from serious illness like cancer.

Many of us are feeling an urgency to move life forward in a better, healthier direction, a direction that serves the health of the planet and all the creatures on it. It is in this spirit that I look forward to serving all women who are feeling trapped by their options within the conventional medical model, and are searching for safer, nontoxic therapies that lead to true health and wellness.

So stay tuned for more information, new services and stellar advice, in search of Natural Healing for Breast Cancer!

Wishing you Peace and Healing today and Always,


The Transformational Healing Journey


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  1. My name is Camille Gilbert; I received a diagnosis of breast cancer 6 months ago from the biopsy of a tumor that I found myself. I have been eating a plant based diet, am taking many supplements with supervision of a nutritionist, and have seen a Naturopathic MD. for some low-dose chemo treatments. I have done much detoxing as well and use a mini trampoline to build up my immune system. I look well but I cannot get the cm tumor to decrease or 6 months. Help!

  2. My name is Lynlen macaraig and I have her2 positive triple positive breast cancer.. I Already undergo mastectomy operation at left breast.I dont want to try chemo therapy and targeted therapy.iam stage1 cancer.
    I am fighting it alternatively

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