Dear Beautiful Woman;
First off, let me say that if you’ve conceived via IVF — congratulations!!! There are few things more celebratory than a longed-for pregnancy coming to fruition. So, please know that this email is not geared towards you.

However, if you have been trying to get pregnant and it hasn’t happened yet, and you are considering IVF, or have been told that you need IVF, or are wondering if IVF is a viable option, or have been through multiple rounds of IVF without success — I am gearing this email towards YOU.

And I’m going to cut right to the chase….

Here’s the major problem with trying to get pregnant with IVF (which can be applied to most all other areas of conventional medicine as well): It generally doesn’t address the reason that you’re not conceiving in the first place. Most especially if you’ve been diagnosed with, “Unexplained Infertility.”

So, what the heck is Unexplained Infertility?!? This is a catch-all term that means your doctor has no idea why you’re not getting pregnant. But I’ve helped scores of women who have been diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility to conceive with herbs, nutrition, flower essences and Wisdom Counseling. How, you may be wondering?!? By finding and addressing the underlying REASON you’re not getting pregnant in the first place. This may be physical, emotional or spiritual — or a combination of the three.

From my perspective, there are 3 major oversights when it comes to conventional medicine’s approach to infertility and the quest for pregnancy.

1) Pregnancy is treated as a purely mechanical event: egg meets sperm, leading to successful implantation, supported by the appropriate hormones.
But I call bullsh*t on this! If this were true, assisted reproductive technologies would be much more effective. The truth is, pregnancy is SO much more than a purely physical occurrence. As a matter of fact, few things could be more spiritual than pregnancy, birth and and bringing a new life into the world. Pregnancy is the coming together of 3 spirits, lineages, hopes, desires, prayers. And it is often held up by difficult and unacknowledged emotions. I’ve helped many women come to terms with emotional issues that may be running the show, as well as issues within the energetic/spiritual realm.

2) The field of medicine in general, and the sub-specialty of reproductive endocrinology in particular, are wildly misogynistic. How does this play out? Women are put through grueling procedures, including rounds and rounds of toxic hormones, when in reality, male infertility accounts for so many more cases of couples not conceiving then is generally investigated or dealt with. Yet, women are the ones that bare the burden of these treatments.

3) As I said just a moment ago, fertility treatments and IVF, namely the hormones that are used far from benign. Particularly for women who have trouble clearing toxins from the body. Oncologists KNOW this dirty little secret: women who been through IVF have higher rates of ovarian and breast cancer. But where are the studies? This is not something your reproductive endocrinologist is going to talk about, but again, it’s what insider’s know.

Lastly, I want to talk about Secondary Infertility, because of how much success I’ve had in treating it. Secondary Infertility refers to a woman who has already had a child with no prior intervention or problems conceiving, but is currently having a hard time getting pregnant for unknown reasons. In my experience, this problem is most commonly caused by something that your doctor understands NOTHING about, and that is something called, BIRTH TRAUMA.

Birth Trauma is something that is so common in the American health care system, but something no one talks about, and goes completely unacknowledged. If you had a horrible birth experience with your first child, you were probably encouraged to be thankful that you have a healthy child, and have no business feeling upset about anything. But if you’re not getting pregnant now, your body knows differently. Your body is keeping the score, and you may not be conceiving because of birth trauma. I’ve helped many women conceive by clearing this trauma from their system. This is SO real, and SO under the radar. If you’ve had birth trauma, please make sure to deal with this, before undergoing any infertility treatments.

Please let me know if any of the above has been resonating with you. And if you need help conceiving naturally, I’m offering a handful of Complimentary Insight Calls just for you — in order to bring you closer to a healthy pregnancy as quickly as possible.

But you’ll need to contact me today, because space is limited. Simply CLICK HERE to schedule your spot.

Also, please pass this information along to friends and family that are in need of this healing.

With Love and Healing,


Heal Emotional Eating and Lose Weight Naturally

Dear Beautiful Woman;

If this isn’t your issue, I’m sorry to keep dwelling on it! But if emotional eating still has a hold over you, I feel compelled to share that it’s finally time to resolve this struggle once and for all.

You may wonder if this is even possible, after so many years of trying…everything! But trust me, there is freedom on the other side. It’s absolutely possible for you to be one of those people that never thinks about your next meal, and forgets about the chocolate bar sitting in the cabinet, only throw it out months later because it’s gone stale.

If you’re still searching for an answer, that’s a sign of your innate wisdom. Somewhere inside, you know that you have the potential to outgrow this. You’ve already figured out what doesn’t work — you’ve probably been down that road more times than you care to count.

There is a way to resolve to this problem, to bring you to complete peace and harmony in your body and with food. And it has nothing to do with a secret formula for how to eat. Or specific foods to restrict.

Rather, it has everything to do with unraveling a coping mechanism that you learned early on in life. Your complete and absolute freedom from this issue lies in unraveling this mechanism, and confronting the conflicting needs within yourself. 

I know because I did it myself, many years ago now, after a lifetime of struggle and torment. But once I came to understand how this coping mechanism functioned for me, and could meet it face on, I never needed to use food emotionally again. From here, I was free to eat healthfully and lose unwanted weight. From here, it all became uncomplicated.

The way to freedom has nothing to do with learning a new way of eating. It has nothing to do with the latest cleanse, or intermittent fasting, or any eating plan. Trust me, I’ve done them all. I’ve eaten SO many different ways for different types of health issues. But no plan for eating is going to work if you use food emotionally. Because here’s the truth: your emotions always win out, every time. Over logic. Over what’s good for you. Over everything.

However, there is wisdom to be gleaned in these emotions. They are our teachers. When we learn to hear what they’re trying to teach us, we no longer need to struggle.

There is a path to freedom, and it lies in self-awareness and deep self-love. It lies in understanding how you use food emotionally, and what needs it serves. And from here, discovering a new way. 

It’s your birthright to feel free and beautiful in your body, and you can learn a new way of coping with painful emotions, even boredom and loneliness. You can learn how to get your needs met in safe ways.

Cultural conditioning tells us that weight loss is simply a matter of discipline and will power. But I know that real and lasting change in this arena only comes through insight and wisdom….and deep Self-Love, which may be the most potent ingredient that has been missing all along.

Listen sisters, if you can relate to all I’ve shared, I would LOVE to teach you how to get there…to that promised land of complete and utter peace in your body and with food, releasing that excess weight and never looking back.

That’s why I’ve started a brand new FaceBook Group called:


It’s where I’m going to be sharing all my wisdom, tips and advice for how to overcome emotional eating, overeating and addictive eating patterns. Please go to my page by CLICKING HERE. Then, make sure to “JOIN” to participate in the free learning.


If you need personal attention immediately, I’m offering a handful of Complimentary Insight Calls, in order to bring you closer to your goal as quickly as possible.
But you’ll need to contact me today, because space is limited. Simply CLICK HERE to schedule your spot.

Also, please pass this information along to friends and family that are in need of this profound healing.

With Love and Healing,


Empathic/Ultra-Sensitive with Health Challenges?

Dear Beautiful One;
There are really good reasons that empathic, ultra-sensitive women suffer with hormonal imbalance, weight issues, chronic health problems and mood disorders.

And these reasons definitely defy the common wisdom about health and wellness. I’m going to share some of the hidden reasons for why you’ve been suffering, and why all your efforts toward health are only marginally working.

These are the causes that exist under the radar, and don’t show up on any lab tests. However, this may be where you need to be focusing your energies if you’ve been suffering for too long with these kinds of problems.

Chances are, your doctor has told you that you look just fine, and hasn’t found anything unusual on examination. These same doctors may even write you off as “crazy” because they’re at a loss for how to help you.

Or maybe you’re seeing an alternative doctor…or an acupuncturist or naturopath. And you’ve left their office with a bag full of supplements and herbal concoctions. And maybe they’ve helped. A little or a lot. But if something still isn’t right, and you’re currently at a stand still…

Just know that the key to healing hormonal imbalance, weight issues and chronic health problems that aren’t shifting, even with all you’ve been doing, is to understand that they are often rooted deeper than the physical body in which they manifest. And since most doctors know nothing about the mind-body connection, it’s important to realize that they don’t have the tools to help you.

These issues live in a realm where emotions and psycho-spiritual influences may have disrupted the flow of physical functioning, by way of the hormonal system, immunity and adrenal glands. This is what I see every day with my clients, and the good news is that there are actually direct and clear paths to healing.

In order for the Empath/Ultra-sensitive to heal, she may also need to address and work with the following issues:

1) History of Trauma: You may have a very good working understanding of your psychological “story” or narrative, your family of origin issues, patterns, mindset and more. Still, you may be plagued by anxiety, mood-swings, overeating, weight issues, etc. That’s because your history of trauma exists on a level deeper than the intellect, and no amount of mental comprehension is going to usher in the change you need. What is required is to clear this trauma from the body. This is accomplished with modalities that clear energy from the system, like Flower Essence Therapy, as well as therapies that essentially “unfreeze” the nervous system, like Somatic Experiencing and EMDR.

2) Boundary Issues: Empaths and Ultra-sensitives often have breaches in their energy field which makes them feel anxious, vulnerable, emotionally unstable and overwhelmed. Further, you may have a hard time establishing healthy boundaries in interpersonal relationships, and so it can actually feel much easier to be alone. There are reasons for this that have to do with your earliest experiences of connection and attachment. Learning about your attachment style and feeling confident saying “no” are of utmost importance for your health and wellbeing.

3) Toxic Relationships: Relationships are LIFE, and if you have people around you that are needy, victimized, narcissistic, parasitic, abusive, etc., this drains your energy and leaves you vulnerable to a breakdown in health. Healthy relationships share an even exchange of giving and receiving, and if this balance is swayed toward the negative, it may actually be impacting your state of health.

These 3 reasons for your greatest health challenges are both invisible, and often bleed into each other. They mostly go unseen by mainstream and even alternative healthcare providers. However, they are imperative to investigate, especially if you are an ultra-sensitive or empathic woman.

In order to help you learn more about how to truly heal in just this way, I’ve opened my schedule this week for 3 calls, or Deep Healing Complimentary Sessions.

In these 45-minute sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to gain deep awareness into your health issues, opening the way for profound change and healing. If you’re even a little bit curious, and think I may be able to help, don’t delay to contact me today, because space is limited. Simply click HERE to schedule your spot.

Also, you can simply shoot me an email, and let me know your biggest challenges is in this arena. I will write back to each and every email.

With Love and Healing,


The Weight Fell Off When I Faced My Shame

Dear Beautiful Woman;
I remember it like it was yesterday. The day I decided I was going to break free of the weight loss struggle, once and for all. After consistently losing and gaining weight for the better part of my life, I felt like I was trapped inside of a tiny box, and my spirit was longing for expansion. I still wanted to lose weight of course, but for the first time, I realized that what I cared about MOST was living a life free from the bondage of an addiction/compulsion.

I was reading one of the brilliant books by Geneen Roth, and she shared a process of writing your first memory of overeating or binging or sneaking food or some other addictive behavior around food.

That’s when I remembered my first experience of binging. I was probably 7 or 8 years old, and it was as if some vast, cavernous hole inside of me opened, which I felt compelled to fill with large amounts of food.

It was during a family BBQ in our backyard, and a couple of my friends stopped by on their bikes, coming to deliver a message. They came to tell me that a few blocks away, written in chalk in the street, was a heart with my name inside of it, paired with a boy who I barely knew.

In this moment, the thought of a boyfriend and the entire realm of dating was terrifying to me. When an older relative would playfully ask, “do you have a boyfriend yet?” it would make my heart race with fear. I was aware that it was an innocuous question, and so didn’t know why it made me feel so afraid. I felt weird that I was so afraid of boys and men, not knowing why I felt this way. Other girls didn’t feel this way. My sister didn’t feel this way. And so I felt shame.

As I grew into adolescence, this fear would prove to have premonitory wisdom, as I found myself in one horrible relationship after the next, always drawn to boys that were abusive. But I always did my best to mask this fact, as it filled me with the same sense of shame…feeling that I wasn’t good enough for a loving relationship, always feeling rejected and abandoned, one relationship after the next.

The day that I sat down and wrote about this earliest memory, and the relationships with boys and men that followed, something profound inside of me shifted. The sense of shame that surrounded all of it came to the surface and began to dissipate. It was a moment of acceptance. I could accept that this was my truth and my story, and it was okay. I could love myself and have compassion for myself right there.

I spent the next several weeks shedding grief, for the little girl that had no one to share her fear with, and so held that sense of shame for the better part of her life. At the time, I was  working on the NYC stock exchange, but I would spend my lunch break in a bathroom stall and cry my eyes out.

But then, after those initial weeks of emotional discharge, something magical happened. My relationship to food totally changed. I no longer felt the need to eat until I felt full. I no longer felt a pull to eat whenever the clock told me it was time to eat. Instead, I followed my internal sense of hunger.

What happened next was unexpected. Weight just started melting away. The shape of my body changed. I cut my hair short to celebrate the new me — a woman who was in touch with her inner truth and embodying it. My sense of self was never the same.

Now I want to ask YOU — if you’re someone that struggles with issues of compulsive eating, even if it’s been minimized and masked, hidden or rationalized. Please know that this issue can be fully and completely healed, where you’ll never need to diet or feel guilt and shame around eating again.

I’m offering a handful of Complimentary Consultations, in order to help you find the same inner peace and deep gratification that I found and never looked back from, enjoying food as it was meant to be enjoyed, without the compulsive pull.  And living in a body that I love and feel proud of. In essence, living an integrated life.

If you’d like to have this opportunity for profound change and healing, contact me today, because space is limited. Simply clickHERE to schedule your spot. Also please share with  friends and family that are in need of this same healing.

If you’re not up for speaking on the phone, simply shoot me an email, and let me know your biggest challenges is in this arena. I will write back to each and every email.

With Love and Healing,


RELIEF for Urinary Pain & Infection {VIDEO}

Dear Natural Healing Tribe;

Recurrent Urinary tract infections, and the persistent pain and discomfort that can linger thereafter, is one of the most common issues that I hear about from women.

If this is has been the thorn in your side, I’ve made this episode of Holistic Women’s Health from the Medical to the Magical especially for YOU. Maybe you’ve been suffering from repeat urinary tract infections, or chronic urinary pain even though there’s no bacteria found on your urine culture.

Either way, there are little known herbs and flower essences that I’m really excited to share with you, because they can change things around starting today. You can learn all about it in my latest video installment HERE

Please know that you don’t need to live with these symptoms forever. In the VIDEOI share my very favorite herb for treating urinary tract issues, which works brilliantly on hot, inflamed tissue that can linger long after an infection is gone.

So I have to admit, that I’m just learning about making videos, and (ahem…) not exactly proud of the quality at this point. But I feel committed to getting the video out today, so that this incredibly valuable information can be in your hands as soon as possible, and can be accessed HERE.

And for future episodes, I’d LOVE to hear from you about a women’s health issue that you’d like me to share about, and I’ll divulge my little-known remedies, tips and advice to bring your system into balance and wellbeing.

For today, please watch the VIDEO to learn about how to heal your recurrent urinary tract issues once and for all.

And please send it your friends and loved ones in need of this vital information.

With Love and Healing,


Ready for TRUE HEALING?!?

Dear Holistic Healing Tribe;
Even if you’ve been to a dozen doctors or practitioners, and not one of them has helped to significantly change the health problems that you’ve been dealing with, it doesn’t mean that there’s no hope. What it does mean is that these practitioners don’t have the proper tools for the job.
Have you ever asked yourself: What is TRUE HEALING? Our medical system has moved so far away from the notion of healing, that most of us have forgotten that it exists at all. Healing does exist, but it often requires that you go in search of it.
Have you ever wondered: What does it take to truly HEAL? It takes looking deeply at an unresolved issue and having the courage to say, “I accept full responsibility for this problem, and will do whatever it takes to find complete resolution.”
Health issues that don’t easily resolve often require a different type of medicine. They require the skill of a true healer, one that can see beneath the layers of the physical body, into the realm of the emotional and energetic. It’s here that our past traumas and spiritual burdens live, and often make themselves known through the expression of physical health problems.
My life’s work and my personal journey has been about learning to see, decipher and unravel what our health issues are teaching us about ourselves and our lives. When we learn the lessons that our bodies are trying to teach us, genuine healing can occur.
At the moment that you are deeply committed to resolving your chronic issues, and you know that you will do whatever it takes to get there, that’s when the Universe steps forward and sends you the support that you’ve been seeking. Today might be that day…
For over 20 years, I’ve been helping women to heal from their long-standing health issues naturally. My approach is powerful because I do more than just prescribe natural remedies for physical ailments. I also look holistically at underlying emotional and/or energetic issues that are standing in the way of health and healing, and with the proper tools, help you to release these burdens. You are then able to truly heal and live the life that you were meant to live.

I would be honored and delighted to help guide you there. That’s why I’m offering a handful of complimentary Natural Healing Consultations in order to help you discover if working together will bring about the health and wellbeing that you’ve been searching for.
Contact me today, because space is limited. Simply click HEREto schedule your spot. And feel free to share with  friends and family that are in need of TRUE HEALING!

With Love and Healing,


My 1st Video: HPV & Cervical Dysplasia

Dear Natural Healing Tribe;
I made my first VIDEO!

For such a long time, people have requested this, and I’ve resisted big time. But it’s finally HERE. A bit primitive, but it’s a start.

And I would be so honored if you would watch it, and send it to anyone you know whose needing help with abnormal pap smears, cervical dysplasia and HPV.

There are few options in the world of conventional women’s health around these issues, with violating procedures that can leave you feeling profoundly disempowered.

And there’s SO much misunderstanding around HPV, even amongst doctors! And this unfortunately, is what gets passed along to you.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Healing HPV and cervical dysplasia can actually be a life-affirming experience, filled with growth and empowerment.

Watch the VIDEO to learn about my recent client that had this very type of  transformative experience.

With Love and Healing,


FLOWER ESSENCES for Transitions & Turbulent Times

Dear Natural Healing Tribe;
I’m so excited to be leading an online class this week called:
Transitions & Turbulent Times

Come spend time with me and other Flower Essence explorers in our virtual circle.
In this online workshop, we’ll delve into the great healing power of Flower Essences, and how to use them for navigating life’s challenges (otherwise known as opportunities for growth!)
The beauty of Flower Essences is that they lend us their calming and grounding energy, at the same time that they assist us in our soul’s evolution.
In the workshop, we’ll cover topics including:

  • A brief history of Flower Essences
  • How to make a Flower Essence on your own
  • Which are the best companies for your needs
  • How to create an effective formula for a specific effect
  • Which essences work best for relieving anxiety, stress and overwhelm
  • How to get started using them with friends, family or in your healing practice
  • Also with time for Q & A

Wednesday January 30th, 2pm ET

On ZOOM. The link will be sent to all participants.

Anyone looking to deepen their understanding and usage of Flower Essences in their personal life or healing practice.




With Love and Healing,


Weight-loss is Easy! UNLESS…

Dear Magical Healing Tribe;
At the risk of pushing your buttons, I’m going to say it again…Weight-Loss is Easy!

You know the formula well, right?!? As a matter of fact, you know the formula so well you could teach it to a room full of eager students in your sleep.

Remember, it’s simply this:

Eat healthy food.
Eat less.
Exercise more.

That’s about the extent of it.

But if that’s really the case, then why is sustainable weight-loss so f*cking elusive, and why have you been losing and gaining those same stubborn pounds forever?

Here’s the truth: weight-loss is easy…UNLESS:

  • You eat when you’re not really hungry.
  • You eat past the point when your body is satisfied.
  • You use food to deal with stressful situations.
  • You reward yourself with food after a difficult interaction.
  • You reward yourself with food after a positive interaction.
  • You use your weight as protection against a relationship that pushes against your boundaries.
  • Excess weight makes you feel safe.
  • You’re a sugar addict.
  • You feel hopeless that you’ll never lose weight.
  • You feel depressed that things will never change.


Okay…now can you fill in the next line? What’s your truth when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off?

The real issue with losing weight sustainably doesn’t lie in the next cleanse or super-food or supplement, or exercise plan. It doesn’t lie in an accountability coach or miracle-drug. Rather, it lies within your own heart. It lies in an emotional truth that’s been buried and unseen. It will become your reality only after deciphering the meaning that food and the relationship with your body has in your life. And then, having the courage to forge a new way.

Which is the whole reason that I created my program, Weight-loss Wisdom™–which guides and supports you to uncover and shift out of all the ways you use food and weight to deal with life…which is the REAL reason that you haven’t permanently lost the weight yet.

Here’s the really really REALEST reason why you haven’t lost the weight. Because if you use food emotionally on any level, you’re not going to give this up until you deal with it on the level at which it exists. Because your EMOTIONS ALWAYS WIN. Let me repeat that: Your emotions always win! Over your rational mind. Over discipline. Over technology or the latest, greatest gadget. Over EVERYTHING else! If food serves you on an emotional level, you’ll never lose the weight until you deal with it at this very level.
That’s about all I have to say at the moment, but if you’re interested to learn more, to explore going to the heart of your issues around weight and food, I’m here to support you.

If you’re tired of the up and down, weight-loss/weight- gain merry-go-round, and are in need of guidance and support for a sustainable solution, please reach out for support today.
In honor of all women looking to be done with this issue once and for all, and finally: feel GREAT in your body, break completely FREE from struggle with food, and put your energy into that which is truly important in life, I still have a few openings for Weight-loss Wisdom Sessions. These sessions will help you gain clarity around how to permanently lose the weight and let go of the struggle once and for all.
Simply click to email: and say “schedule me” to reserve you spot now.

Wishing you freedom from the struggle, today and always.

With Love and Healing,


Does DIETING Make You FAT?!?

Dear Holistic Healing Tribe;
If this question strikes a chord, then what you really need to ask yourself is this:

In all my years of dieting,has it made me feel better about my body? Has it made me thinner? Stronger? Healthier?

Or…has it made me more neurotic? More obsessed with food? And less confident in my body? You see where I’m going with this…

Here’s the truth: dieting is a plan of systemized deprivation which always swings back to the other side of the pendulum – where eating becomes out of control in the need to break free of restriction and find balance. This pattern often becomes a vicious cycle and can even end up running your life. It’s not personal–it’s just a natural law of the Universe.

That’s why people who diet frequently, generally end up heavier over time. Eating plans based on restriction just aren’t sustainable over the long haul. You end up believing you’re just not disciplined enough or don’t have the will-power to be your ideal weight – because that’s what the dieting industry dictates. But just so you know… it’s completely untrue and keeps you locked into a pattern of self-recrimination.

The real struggle comes when you attach all kinds ofstory to this scenario such as, “I’m a failure” “I’m not good enough” “I don’t deserve to feel beautiful” Or whatever it is that makes up your inner landscape.

The truth is, you’re most likely overweight for one of two reasons: hormonal imbalance and/or emotional eating patterns. Interestingly, these issues are the least understood and least acknowledged reasons for being overweight, and usually go hand in hand.

Getting to the root cause of both of these issues is absolutely possible, AND has NOTHING to do with WILL-POWER or DISCIPLINE. Rather, the answer exists outside of the dieting paradigm, and of course, lies within your own personal complexity.

However, once you embrace this new understanding of yourself, and are standing in your power and integrity, you’ll let go of the self-blame. It will be a revelation when you no longer use food as a coping mechanism, and come to find out that your sugar cravings are connected with blood sugar imbalance, rather than a lack of willpower. 

Let me paint a picture of the way that this works… During the holidays, my family members mistakenly assume that I have a great deal of willpower and discipline because I generally abstain from dessert. But I have to laugh because neither of those attributes are my strong point!

Rather, I abstain because the gluten and dairy immediately make me feel crappy, by stuffing up my nose, giving me a sinus headache and clogging my gut. And I know that my blood sugar will be thrown out of whack, which will take days to reverse and get back on track.

Here’s the real key to my empowerment with food… I have the inner freedom to make the decision to abstain or not…because there’s no longer the compulsive pull towards emotional eating (having gotten to the root cause long ago), and no physiologic drive towards sugar and refined carbs, because I know how to balance my blood sugar through specific ways of eating.

That’s the whole secret to sustainable weight loss. It’s a journey for sure, but you can absolutely do it too!

If you want to learn more, be on the lookout for my next email when I’ll share about tips for eating to balance your blood sugar.

Until then, wishing you the courage to look within at the root cause of your weight issue, so that you may live free and feel at peace in your body every day.

With Love and Healing,


Your Healing


If you’re tired of the up and down, weight-loss/weight- gain merry-go-round, and are in need of guidance and support for a sustainable solution, I would be delighted to support you.

In honor of helping ALL women break free of the dieting paradigm and find true healing, I’m offering complimentary, Deep Healing Discovery Calls next week, to help you gain clarity around your weight issue, and find the strength and awareness to heal this issue once and for all.

Simply click to email: to reserve you spot now.