Breast Cancer Programs

Natural Healing for Breast Cancer currently offers two ways to work together for guidance and support in your healing journey.

The Wisdom Pathway to Health 

Identifying and understanding your health imbalances will enable you to make wise decisions around the best treatments to heal your body. This is a six-month, 1-1, individualized healing program for cultivating health on the deepest level, while correcting imbalances that have made you vulnerable to cancer. We will create a protocol to flood your system with healing super-foods, herbs and supplements. Gain confidence in your choices around treatment options by aligning with your inner wisdom. Our focus will be on changing the internal terrain of your body so that it’s no longer hospitable to cancer.

 The Healing Empowerment Circle

A 9-week Group Program focused on cultivating health, overcoming fear and embracing the healing path that’s perfect for you. A group format offers the support of like-minded women who are committed to healing with natural remedies, while exploring the opportunity for spiritual growth inherent in a life-threatening illness.