My Favorite Birth Control and Conception Method in ONE

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As I’m sitting at the desk in my new office, and working on my talk for A Day of Women’s Health, happening this coming Tuesday at the ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism in Manhattan, I’m pondering all of the ways that the cycles in nature correspond with the cycles in the life of a woman. Getting in touch with the rhythms of the natural world is one of the most sure ways that we find our own internal balance, and this translates into HEALTH!This is one of the reasons that I’ve always loved and advocated for the Fertility Awareness Method, which is a proven way to decipher your own fertility cycles, to be used for either birth control or conception. Over the years, I’ve recommended this method to hundreds of women, and the response is always overwhelming positive. It’s a profound experience for a woman to learn about, and become intimately connected with her own monthly alchemy. I’ve often found that it magically cures irregular cycles just by the act of becoming conscious, and putting our loving attention towards our own internal rhythm.I’m so lucky to have a guest blogger this week, the lovely Ashley Annis, Fertility Awareness Educator from Madison, WI. She’s going to give you tips and take-aways for natural birth control. ENJOY!

A Day of Women’s Health: Fostering Well-being Throughout the Cycles of Life
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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Natural Birth Control

by Ashley Annis

Have you heard the hype about natural birth control methods?  There is a lot of energy around this subject in certain social media circles lately, but the methods are still not very well understood.  If you’re interested in learning more but still feeling skeptical, here are a few things to clear up the confusion:

  1. It works.
    In a study published in the Oxford Journal of Human Reproduction, fertility awareness based methods of birth control were shown to be 99.6% effective.  The women who were able to achieve this effectiveness were women who took a class to learn the method, followed the rules, and didn’t take chances.
  2. It’s not the rhythm method.
    Fertility awareness based methods monitor real-time fertility charting, as opposed to the calculations used by the rhythm method.  The rhythm method doesn’t work because women’s cycles can be somewhat unpredictable, and aren’t always the same every cycle.  Fertility awareness takes into account the fact that women’s cycles can change and teaches women to observe two main fertility signals: cervical fluid and BBT.  A woman who charts these signals and knows what to look for can tell you whether or not she could potentially conceive just about any day.
  3. It takes time to learn, but it’s not impossible. Learning the method and feeling comfortable using it is a different process for each woman.  Some women teach themselves from a book, while others need a teacher to help them understand their cycle.  Some women chart for several months before they feel comfortable using the method, while others are ready to use the method after only three cycles.  During this learning phase, couples can still be intimate with each other by using barrier methods or abstaining from genital to genital contact.
  4. The side effects are awesome.
    Unlike the things some women experience while on hormonal contraceptives, the possible side effects of using fertility awareness are amazing, and include: increased self-esteem, increased bodily awareness, increased communication between partners, and greater understanding and appreciation for the female body to name a few!
  5. You can find out if the method might be for you!

Even with all the correct information, making the switch to a natural birth control method can be terrifying.  You may still feel unsure if fertility awareness could be right for you—and that’s okay!  Each woman has to make her own choice about what type of birth control works best for her.  If you’d like to ask a few more questions and continue the conversation about whether or not fertility awareness is for you, sign up for a consultation at:


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